5 ready-to-use tips to build your career site

29 March 2018

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With today’s War for Talent, recruiters try everything to attract the best candidates on the market.

Let’s start at the beginning: your career site. This should be the heart of your recruitment strategy.

Below we share 5 tips to help you build a successful career site:

1. Who are you?

To attract candidates, you need to give them more insight into your company: What is your mission? What is the company culture like? Which core values contribute to the overall business ethic?

Let employees tell their story, it makes it easier for future employees to identify with your company. Authentic messages are the way to go, to generate impact and differentiate yourself from competitors.

2. To the point messaging

A website visitor reads only 20% of the content on a webpage, which means you need to direct their attention to the right content immediately.

The job description needs to give a realistic view on the job as well as a clear picture of your company. You need to indicate what you as an employer have to offer, but also what you expect from an employee. It must appeal to the reader and encourage him/her to apply.

A few tips to make your job offers stand out:

  • Add a testimonial (video) of a colleague who’s doing the same, or a related, job
  • Make your offer personal by mentioning the name of the recruiter and adding a picture
  • Review your job description by reading it through the eyes of your target audience
  • Write your vacancy based on the AIDA model:

Attention grabbing (use a catchy headliner)

Raise Interest (captivate the reader from the first paragraph)

Create Desire ('Yes, at this place I want to work!')

Generate Action by integrating a specific call-to-action ('apply now' button)

3. User experience = key

When building a career site, you should always keep the candidate journey in mind. The visitors of your website will each be in a different phase of the candidate journey. You have people who are still discovering, who are looking for their dream job, who will proceed to apply, ...

Evaluate the user experience of your career site in 2 steps:

  1. Present a clear overview of the end to end application process so the candidate knows what to expect.
  2. Put yourself in the shoes of the candidate and run through the entire job application process: Is it clear how to apply? Aren’t there too many steps before the actual application? Is it mobile friendly? Does the career page load quickly?

4. What about SEO?

When your career site is ready to launch, you need to make sure potential candidates will find you.

Is your career site a separate website with a clear URL, such as ‘www.workat...’ ? Or is it a distinct page on your corporate website? No matter what choice you make, always provide a clear and direct link from the corporate website to the career site.

To guarantee your career site appears at the top of the search results, You need to score high in Google. Therefore, your website must be technically strong:

  • Check the page speed and website speed in general
  • Make sure your website structure is logical and you’re using clear URLs (avoid strange parameters)

Again, it all comes down to user experience as Google takes data from the visitor's behaviour to determine your ranking in the search results.

5. The rise of Referral

Referral recruitment offers you an important, if not the most important source, for high-quality candidates at a low cost. On top of that it increases employee engagement.

Integrate referral recruitment into your career site by making it easy for your employees to share vacancies on social media. When employees massively share a link to your career website, you create extra link value, which in return has a positive effect on your SEO score.

Author:Sofie Nauwelaerts, Employer Branding Consultant

Did you discover many points of improvement after reading these 5 tips & tricks?

Don’t panic, we’re here to help: sofie.nauwelaerts@emeritis.com

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