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05 December 2017

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What is Employer Branding?

With today’s War for Talent, building a strong employer brand becomes more and more important to attract the right talent for your organization. Employer Branding is the way in which companies position their brand to future employees. But don’t get it wrong, Employer branding is not only linked to the talent attraction and recruiting phase. It touches all parts of the employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition till offboarding and transition.

Our vision on Employer Branding

You need to ATTRACT the right candidates and CONNECT them to your company so you can let them GROW and ENGAGE them:

From Employer Brand to Employer Value Proposition

To attract the right candidates, you need a strong employer brand. Your employer brandrefers to your reputation as an employer, the perception that others have about what it’s like to work with you or what they experienced. Your Employer Brand is built up from several instrumental & symbolic features and translated in an Employer Value Proposition (EVP). (for example: EVP Apple: 'Think Different')

The secret of a powerful employer value propositionis authenticity and a distinctive character. Your EVP is the coat rack for both internal (living the brand) and external (marketing the brand). Your employer brand represents the core values of your company. The external employer brandmust reflect the internal employer branding. Employees will not spread a positive image of the company externally if they are simply ordered to. However, when your employees realize the company is committed to them and engaged with their thoughts, they also engage with the company. And in this way, they will naturally promote the company externally.

5 tips to start building your Employer Brand today:

1. Consistent communication: the message you send must match the organization you are, the things that matter to you or the organization you want to be

2. Use the enthusiasmof your employees

3. Be aware of the employee journey

4. Pay attention to a professional onboarding process

5. Focus on talentand let them develop

Would you like to exchange ideas about this topic or do you need support with building and/or executing your employer branding strategy?

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