European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. Emeritis performed a pre-study for SuccessFactors using a Prototyping approach and is currently implementing the solution.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is a frontrunner in high-tech R&D and therefore also HR systems need to reflect its ‘next generation’ capabilities, towards both external and internal stakeholders. In this context, ESA wanted to investigate the opportunity of ‘cloud’ and more specifically the capabilities of SuccessFactors to support their complex processes in leadership, continuous improvement, training, performance management and recruitment.

Emeritis is using a SuccessFactors prototyping approach to build the HRIS roadmap, assess ESA Digital Readiness and shape its HR processes for Learning, Performance and Recruitment. Also Employee Central as a tool for HR data administration & reporting was brought into scope. Currently, Employee Central & Recruitment are live, Learning is ongoing and Goals&Performance Management is in process design phase. In order to reap full benefit of integrated talent management, also Succession Planning & Career Development is being brought into scope.

This appproach is an interesting, phased way to discover the opportunities that cloud software can bring to your HR department. By doing this, also HR processes can be gradually analyzed and improved, using best practices that both Emeritis and SuccessFactors have to offer. A “prototype-approach” also allows a more optimized alignment between business & IT.